Mobile Medical - Bringing House Calls Back to Wichita Mobile Medical - Bringing House Calls Back to Wichita

About Us

Mobile Medical provides home-based primary care medicine to geriatric or chronically ill patients. One of our physicians becomes the patient’s primary care doctor and works with a team of nurse practitioners and physician assistants to visit as often as needed.

Whether in a private home, assisted living center, independent senior apartment or cottage, patients receive compassionate, respectful care tailored to their needs.

There is no additional charge for the convenience of having a physician come to you.

The Mobile Medical Team


Manuel Brockman, MD

Susan Giovanni, MD

Angie King, APRN

Tiffany Welk, APRN

Christy Tennissen, APRN

Veomany Dang, APRN

Stacey Wood, APRN

Lisa Adams, APRN

Roxan Kendall, APRN

Amber Neighbors, APRN

Kristin Harter, APRN

Micha Webb, APRN

Kristin Watts, APRN

Patricia Christian, APRN


Miranda Johnson, DON

Sasha Robertson, Medical Records

Terrie Allen, Medical Records

Payton Robinson, Medical Records