Mobile Medical - Bringing House Calls Back to Wichita Mobile Medical - Bringing House Calls Back to Wichita

About Us

Angie King, APRN/Owner, has been a nurse practitioner since 1999 and is dual-certified in Family Practice and Women's Health. She has been instrumental in bringing the concept of house calls to Wichita and the surrounding areas. She enjoys spending time with her family, gardening, traveling, reading, and listening to live music. Her passion is finding a cure for Alzheimer's Disease.

Mobile Medical currently travels to a variety of settings with a focus on increasing each person's access to healthcare and saving healthcare dollars.

The Mobile Medical Team

Angie King APRN

Megan Hawks APRN

Tiffany Welk APRN

Kathy Oliver APRN

Christy Tennissen APRN

Veomany Dang APRN

Stacy Wessley APRN

Kay Johnson APRN

Jennifer Eagleson APRN

Gina Abraham APRN

Jennifer Frerichs APRN

Valerie Koch APRN

Tonya Kasselman  APRN

Miranda Johnson, Nurse

Jennie May, Billing

Jordyn Sporleder, Billing

Susan Kennedy, Billing

Schnell Johnson, Intake

Misha Bender, Medical Records

Debbie Welch, Medical Records

Cassandra Morris, Medical Records

Pam Collins, Administrative Assistant