Mobile Medical - Bringing House Calls Back to Wichita Mobile Medical - Bringing House Calls Back to Wichita


1. Does Mobile Medical make house calls?
    Yes we do! Call today to make an appointment! (316) 616-1055

2. Where does Mobile Medical go?
     We travel throughout the state of Kansas. We provide medical care on site in all locations outside of the hospital or
     office based setting. We can see you in your private residence, independent living apartment, assisted living,
     home plus or group home, memory care, skilled/rehab and in long-term care. We strive to develop strong
     bonds with our patients and families and are able to follow you throughout your lifespan regardless of setting.

3. What if I have a doctor? Can I continue to see my PCP (Primary Care Provider)?
     You can continue to see your PCP. We work alongside primary care providers and specialists to manage acute or
     chronic medical conditions to ensure the best possible outcomes and decrease or prevent emergency room visits
     and hospitalizations. We communicate with your PCP to make sure they are up to date with your medical care.
4. How much does it cost?
    We contract with Medicare, Medicaid, Medicare Replacement plans as well as third party payers. Your cost is
    the same as it would be in a traditional doctor's office.

5. Can you write prescriptions and order tests?
    Yes we can! We do full examinations, order appropriate lab and testing based on your medical conditions, write
    prescriptions and manage acute and chronic medical conditions.

Do you have a question that wasn't answered here? Call today! (316) 616-1055